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Most IT support providers are purely reactive one, meaning that they wait until a client has a problem with either their computer, server or network and calls them to fix the issue. We take a proactive maintenance approach to ensure that your business IT systems run more smoothly and are less likely to break down. This gives you effective performance and reduced support costs.


We specialise in providing IT support to organisations across the UK. Our IT support service provides phone and remote assistance to act as your own dedicated IT Support Department. Remote support technology enables us to potentially solve your problems within minutes, and our IT technicians have specialist skills to deal with any issues you may experience as quickly as possible.

Disaster Recovery

The risk of fire, flood, theft and system failures make disaster recovery a critical part of business planning. Downtime costs money, and most of us would cease to function without IT systems and data. Glideslope Software Ltd can guide you with your contingency planning, providing an IT disaster recovery programme designed to get you back up and running in hours, not days.

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I’ve Passed my Driving Test!

Alex’s Story Finally I can say I’m a fully qualified driver! After traveling for a long two hours on the train I was able to spend time contemplating what was ahead and if I could do it!  I was starting to think there would be no way in just under ten days I would be able to successfully pass my…

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Security Selfies to replace passwords??

We all know passwords can easily be forgotten, stolen or intercepted and we all know it happens far too often. That’s why many companies particularly ones which deal with large amounts of customer’s money are trying to find new ways to protect accounts and eliminate cybercrime. One way MasterCard have trialled…

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The Importance of IT Support for SME’S

A poll taken by YouGov of 1,057 Microbusinesses in the UK found that although 85% of business owners polled used Microsoft Office programs, 65% were using old versions. This shows just how much businesses may be missing out on IT support and advice which could help increase efficiency, time and more importantly…

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Locky Virus hits 9 Out of 10 UK Businesses

Last week we were alerted by one of our clients that they suspected a virus was on their computer. And this week we have been contacted by another of our clients about suspicious activity. In both cases we visited the client to find out exactly what was going on. We found that the problem was a type of virus…

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A Spring Clean for your Laptop!

Upgrading your laptop software can sometimes be extremely difficult especially if you aren’t familiar with software and technology! Laptops in particular can be a little fragile at times due to being portable and because generally then get moved around a lot during the day especially if you work from multiple…

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60% of businesses in the UK are effected by crime…

Alex’s Story 60% of businesses in the UK are effected by crime each year plus hundreds of thousands of burglaries, , and this costs a staggering £, with a staggering 10% of business lost as a consequence of crime. At Glideslope Software we have been carrying out CCTV Installation for a number of organisations…

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